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TBT – “Can’t Find My Way Home” As Good As It Ever Was

  TBT – “Can’t Find My Way Home” As Good As It Ever Was

A song this good has immense staying power and will continue to be reinvented for generations to come. That friends, is the mark of a truly great work of art.

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“Blues for Big Walter” CD Release & Benefit

  “Blues for Big Walter” CD Release & Benefit

The album is a non-profit project with the artists performing on the album having donated their time, and all proceeds from sales of the album going to the Blues Foundation and HART Fund.

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Carlos Showers Beaten – Guitar Stolen

  Carlos Showers Beaten – Guitar Stolen

The offenders that beat Showers took his gold PRS guitar, pictured here. Note that Showers normally carried this guitar in a Fender Custom Shop gig bag.

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Latest Reviews

TBT – “Live In New York” Is Mississippi Fred McDowell’s Last Masterpiece

“I have a little opening piece. You know, I told you I play no rock ‘n’ roll, but it kinda sound like it.”

Eddie Taylor Jr.’s “Stop Breaking Down” Is Great Chicago Blues

As always, Taylor’s playing is impeccable; saucy in spots, soulful in other places, but always impressive in a humble, unassuming way. This is definitely an album to include in your collection.

TBT – A Treasure Trove of T-Bone Walker on “The Complete Imperial Recordings 1950-1954″

When we put this album on, we are quickly swept up in its beauty, elegance, and pure blues brilliance. The finesse and nimble fretboard work is simply breathtaking throughout.

TBT – Why We Celebrate Lead Belly

If anyone thinks his work is powerful when interpreted by Dylan, Nirvana, or The Animals, go back and experience his original recordings.

TBT – Willie Dixon’s “I Am the Blues” Is Blues Heaven

As we celebrate Willie Dixon and his accomplishments this year, experiencing “I Am the Blues” is yet one more way to pay homage to his immense talent, and his innate understanding of the blues.

Omar Coleman Arrives with “Born & Raised”

Coleman’s vocals are spot on, even playful at times, and his harp lends just right touch everywhere it joins this righteous party.

TBT – Muddy Waters’ “The Complete Plantation Recordings” is the Holy Grail

As a listening experience, these recordings will touch you deeply, and awaken your soul.

TBT – “Beggars Banquet” Launched the Second Coming of The Rolling Stones

From one song to the next and the next, all the way through, doesn’t allow us to come up for air, as though we are caught up in a whirlwind.

New HBO Drama “Vinyl” Explores Record Industry In the ’70s

“A ride through the sex- and drug-addled music business at the dawn of punk, disco, and hip-hop …”

TBT – Jimmy Dawkins and His “Fast Fingers” Simmer

There is a reason this album has stood the test of time, and inspired so many great players. What greater gift could anyone possibly give to the blues?

TBT – “The Ragpicker’s Dream” Still Inspiring Players Today

In an instant, we are whisked away and enticed into the various settings painted for us with Knopfler’s storytelling.

TBT – “The Duke Meets the Earl” is a Showcase, Not a Showdown

“The Duke Meets the Earl” would seem to be fertile ground for a showdown between these two blues giants. Instead, they thrive together playing off and drawing inspiration from one another.

TBT – A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan

To those who do not yet own a copy of this incredible concert experience, we can only ask, “What are you waiting for?”

TBT- Santana’s “Blues for Salvador” Is Fluid and Captivating

In places Carlos’ guitar roars like a beast, and in others, it purrs like a kitten, but it always has our attention.

TBT- “Hooker ‘n Heat” Cooks with Blues

This is as real as it gets. There is nowhere to hide here, and everyone contributes their energy and spiritual input, and adding to the overall loose feeling that pervades these proceedings.

TBT – Magic Sam’s “West Side Soul” Is Soulful Blues Magic

Listed in Living Blues Magazine’s top ten blues discs, West Side Soul is often spoken of as “legendary” among blues enthusiasts and purists alike.

Johnny Rawls Delivers with “Tiger In A Cage”

Bring “Tiger In A Cage” home. Invite friends. Share liberally.

The Cash Box Kings Are “Holding Court” Indeed

There’s a reason CBK couldn’t sell enough of these during a recent tour of Europe; this album is bursting at the seams with righteous blues.

TBT – Dave Mason’s “Alone Together”

The sonic palette brought to life by these musicians is remarkable. No tricks, no slight of hand, just honest passion and solid execution carry the day.

John and Sylvia Embry Take No Prisoners With “Troubles”

This album is a total stunner. Once you put it on, be prepared not to move for the entire 66 minutes it plays. Add this to your collection now!

TBT – Allen Toussaint’s “The Complete ‘Tousan’ Sessions”

Allen Toussaint was mythic; the true embodiment of the term “legend.” Here was a man loved by those he touched with his music. It is hard to imagine the world without him now.

TBT – Otis Rush Is Live With “All Your Love I Miss Loving”

As soon as you close your eyes, you are in that room, swaying to the artist’s playing as it moves and grooves you. Welcome to Otis Rush’s “All Your Love I Miss Loving – Live At The Wise Fools Pub Chicago,” on Delmark Records.

TBT – Lou Reed’s “Rock N Roll Animal” One of the Best Live Albums Ever

Lou Reed participates in a performance that so absolutely leverages the talent and ability of all the players, there is literally nothing left for them to offer up when it’s over!

TBT – Willie Nelson Sings the Blues on “Milk Cow Blues”

Willie Nelson has been one of America’s most beloved troubadours for decades now, writing songs that illustrate various aspects of the lives and loves of the common man.

TBT – Taj Mahal’s “The Natch’l Blues” is Simply Soulful Blues

We are presented with solid compositions, played superbly, with affection. Good music travels well, and The Natch’l Blues is no exception.

TBT – Lowell Fulson’s “Them Update Blues” is Great Blues

Anyone that has not heard “Them Update Blues” yet needs to experience this incredible music. There’s a reason why Lowell Fulson is a legend. Don’t miss out.

TBT – Byther Smith Tells His Story With “Mississippi Kid”

Smith deftly moves us through his music ever smoothly, with a confident, knowing hand. “That’s what my blues is all about. Movin’ them peoples.”

TBT – Byther Smith Moves People And Tells His Story With “Mississippi Kid”

Smith deftly moves us through his music ever smoothly, with a confident, knowing hand. “That’s what my blues is all about. Movin’ them peoples.”

TBT – The Beatles Gave Us the Future with “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”

“I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” may not be blues in the “purest” sense, but it is an absolutely pioneering, fearless, forward looking performance.

TBT – Sinatra’s “Songs for Young Lovers” Was a Milestone In Many Ways

The impact that this album had on the record industry as a whole is immeasurable.

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