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TBT – “Can’t Find My Way Back Home” As Good As It Ever Was

  TBT – “Can’t Find My Way Back Home” As Good As It Ever Was

A song this good has immense staying power and will continue to be reinvented for generations to come. That friends, is the mark of a truly great work of art.

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“Blues for Big Walter” CD Release & Benefit

  “Blues for Big Walter” CD Release & Benefit

The album is a non-profit project with the artists performing on the album having donated their time, and all proceeds from sales of the album going to the Blues Foundation and HART Fund.

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Carlos Showers Beaten – Guitar Stolen

  Carlos Showers Beaten – Guitar Stolen

The offenders that beat Showers took his gold PRS guitar, pictured here. Note that Showers normally carried this guitar in a Fender Custom Shop gig bag.

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TBT – Sinatra’s “Songs for Young Lovers” Was a Milestone In Many Ways

The impact that this album had on the record industry as a whole is immeasurable.

TBT – “When a Guitar Plays the Blues” by Roy Buchanan

His talent, tone, and technique were mythic among musicians. And all the while, he was nonchalant about his talents.

TBT – Allman Brothers’ “At Fillmore East” Still the Gold Standard for Live Recordings

It is hard to believe that it has been 43 years since “At Fillmore East” was first issued. Even now, all these years later, every time we put this on, it is still an hour and sixteen minutes of heaven.

TBT – The Junior Wells Masterpiece “Live At Theresa’s 1975″

Recorded on January 10th and 13th, 1975, Live At Theresa’s 1975 is a blues masterpiece on the order of Hoodoo Man Blues.

TBT – The Masterpiece That Is Junior Wells’ “Live At Theresa’s 1975″

Theresa’s Lounge was blues heaven. Legends played there, and legends were made there. Junior Wells’ “Live At Theresa’s” 1975 is absurdly sublime, and satisfying.

TBT – T-Bone Walker Still Looms Large

Walker once described his own blues this way: “My blues is not screaming blues or howling blues but kind of sweet blues.”

Anne Harris Takes Blues in a New Direction with “Come Hither”

Come Hither is not something that can be neatly pigeon-holed as folk, new age, Americana, or anything else really. To do so would be false, and would do this music a terrible injustice.

TBT – “The Hot Spot” is a Jazz and Blues Eargasm

Find a place where you can be alone with this music, undisturbed, and experience this music. It will enrich and nourish your soul.

TBT – Byther Smith Fires Things Up With “Blues On The Moon”

Blues On The Moon, (Delmark), was recorded live at the Natural Rhythm Social Club in August 2007, and released June 2008, and has Smith and company in fine form, loose, and bringing it hard!

TBT – “Paul Butterfield’s Better Days” Is Lost Gem That Shines Brightly

“Paul Butterfield’s Better Days” grabs our attention effortlessly. Before we realize, we are enveloped by the music here as it cascades through us, leaving only warmth.

TBT – Mick Jagger and The Red Devils Kill It On “The Famous Blues Sessions”

Jagger and The Red Devils did a brilliant job imbuing these performances with the “rough and tumble” quality he was hoping to achieve. The recordings were extremely successful in this regard.

Guy King Brings The Suave of Jazz to His Blues

Yes, there are touches of B.B. King, Albert King, and Wes Montgomery; but make no mistake, Guy King has his Tele testifying from his heart.

“Hawk Squat” Showcases the Gritty Blues of J.B. Hutto

Hawk Squat boasts 61 minutes of slide playing mayhem that is as instructional as it is inspirational.

The Henry Gray/ Bob Corritore Sessions – Vol. 1 Blues Won’t Let Me Take My Rest

Make no mistake, these selections are gifts, from the heart and soul of these players, to us. The message they are sending is “Man, oh man! Are we having a blast, or what?”

TBT – B.B. King’s “Live in Cook County Jail” Still Inspires

Originally released in 1971, on the MCA Records label, B.B. King’s Live In Cook County Jail is still as relevant and vibrant a landmark today as it was then.

TBT – The Debt We Owe Charlie Christian

He left a body of work that is elegant, emotive, and groundbreaking.

Deja Vu All Over – “Sinner’s Prayer”

As with most blues standards, listeners are sure to find a version of “Sinner’s Prayer” that suits their own unique spirit; all they have to do is go looking for “the one.” It’s out there.

TBT – B.B. King’s “Live At The Regal” Is Still Hard To Beat

The influence Live At The Regal has had on subsequent generations of players is profound. John Mayer, Mark Knopfler, and Eric Clapton have used it to warm up before performances. It has been cited by numerous musicians of rock, jazz, and blues genres as one of the best albums to learn from.

Toronzo Cannon – “The Chicago Way” Marks New Beginning

Cannon’s new album on Alligator Records, “The Chicago Way,” is a gripping, no-holds-barred look at life in the sometimes unforgiving city of Chicago…

TBT – Jeff Beck’s “Truth” Is Golden

If this album resides in your collection, take it for a spin again. It will still capture and hold you, enthralled, and leave you deeply satisfied.

TBT – Buster Benton’s “Blues & Trouble” Sets a High Bar

Bring home “Blues & Trouble” now! We can not recommend this album highly enough! For all the aspiring blues artists out there, this is how soulful blues is done.

TBT – Robert Jr. Lockwood is a “Steady Rollin’ Man”

Steady Rollin’ Man is absolutely priceless on so many levels. As a snapshot of consummate blues musicianship, it sets a high bar against which other performances can be judged, even now, today.

TBT- The Jimmy Dawkins Urban Masterpiece “Feel The Blues”

On “Feel the Blues,” Dawkins leaves no doubt as to his ability, and his sincerity.

TBT – B.B. King’s “Singin’ the Blues” Is Elegant as Ever

Perhaps the the most striking aspect of Singin’ the Blues is the humble, quiet elegance of King’s guitar lines. Simple, lyrical, joyful blues at its best …

TBT- Luther Allison’s Scorching “Bad News Is Coming”

Right out of the gate Allison hits us with an earth shattering rendition of “Little Red Rooster” that stops us in our tracks.

Muddy Waters’ “Hard Again” is an Album for the Ages

This album is a shot of pure blues love that will grab your heart, caress your soul, and warm your spirit to the floorboards.

TBT – “T-Bone Blues” Is Luxurious

Enjoy T-Bone Blues on a listening device near you, soon; preferably on vinyl, through headphones. This is an album that will come alive.

TBT – Is Lou Reed’s “Rock N Roll Animal” the Best Live Rock Album Ever Made?

Lou Reed participates in a performance that so absolutely leverages the talent and ability of all the players, there is literally nothing left for them to offer up when it’s over!

TBT – Johnny B. Moore Is All The Way “Live At Blue Chicago”

There is an almost Delta feel to the music, yet at the same time, the music is electric Chicago blues all the way. This album is such a pleasure to listen to.

TBT – Etta James’ Spectacular “Blues to the Bone”

“Blues to the Bone” breathes new life into these time honored songs, and then some!

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